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Introducing The Regulation Podcast

Welcome to The Regulation Podcast – helping you to understand what regulation is all about, what it’s all for and why it matters to you, to businesses, to organisations and to the public. 

Listen to our new podcast show packed full of insightful interviews with practitioners and academics, and energetic discussions on many aspects of regulatory theory and practice. Each new episode will be available to listen to here with links sent to all Institute members. 

Episode 12 - Emerging digital solutions and challenges facing regulation

Digital technologies sit at the heart of every industry, business, government and organisation operating around the world today as data is emerges as a vital lever to drive efficiency and prompt change. We are seeing a radical shift in thinking and huge growth in investment as we embrace the power of new data analysis technologies and artificial intelligence.

Regulation is, of course, central to this transformation. Not only are we seeing the rise in so-called “regtech” as the sector changes to embrace new digital technologies but regulators overseeing every part of the UK’s economic and social landscape are racing to keep up with the consequences of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence – intended of otherwise – that are being brought about by this change.

It is a subject being delved into regularly by the Institute of Regulation’s Special Interest Group on Digital & Technology so to find out more, let me introduce my guest today, Mark Sutton, Chief Digital and Data Officer at Quality Care Commission (CQC), who leads this Group.  

Listen here.

Episode 11 - The Purpose of Regulation

Bim Afolami MP, chair of the Regulatory Reform Group, Conservative MP for Hitchin and Harpenden

In this podcast we explore the findings of a recent report by the Regulatory Reform Group, “The Purpose of Regulation".
The Regulatory Reform Group is a group of Conservative MPs have come together specifically, as they put it “to help shape a regulatory system which, following Brexit,” they say, “needs to have democratic accountability at its heart.”
The report asserts that lack of focus on outcomes means there is, in reality, “little to no democratic oversight of the systems controlling vast amounts public expenditure each year.
In a post Brexit Britain, it adds, consumer outcomes must be at the centre of "a new systematic approach to all regulatory activity", if the UK economy is to benefit from its new life outside the EU.
Much to discuss and, as usual, to give listeners a new perspective on the priorities and challenges faced by regulators and a clearer understanding of how the Institute of Regulation can help drive positive change.

Listen here.

Episode 10 - Regulation to protect; regulation to improve

In this month's podcast we are joined by Dr Russell Richardson, General Counsel and Company Secretary of the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA).

The NSTA is the body that regulates and influences the oil, gas and carbon storage industries. Russell is also leading the Institute of Regulation’s new Special Interest Group on Enforcement.

The podcast focuses on enforcement and its role as a key lever for change in the regulation toolkit.

It is a complex and challenging area but this podcast should help regulators learn a bit more about how they might approach enforcement. Th conversation also touches on when and what penalties might be applicable to encourage desired behaviour and discusses what other types of incentive or action might be preferred.

Listen here.

Episode 9 - Regulation to protect; regulation to improve

In this podcast we talk about striking the balance between “Regulation to protect; regulation to improve” and explore the ways that effective regulation can work to not only improve the world around us but also to protect the public from harm and ensure that the services we rely on are actually up to scratch. 

To guide us through this complex subject, my guest today is Dame Glenys Stacey, Chair, the Office for Environmental Protection. In her career Dame Glenys has held a number of CEO and regulatory positions and led many public-sector organisations.  She has been responsible for high profile legal or regulatory services that have worked both to protect the public and improve services – most recently with leading regulation roles in Education and the Probation Service.

Dame Glenys' career has included many high profile roles in regulation such as Chief Regulator at Ofqual from 2012 to 2016 then again briefly in 2020 during the pandemic exams crisis, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Probation for England and Wales from 2016 to 2019, Chief Executive at Animal Health, chair of the Professional Standards Authority and of course she now lead the Office for Environmental Protection. 

Clearly given the recent discussion surrounding the role of Ofsted in schools following the tragic suicide of a headteacher, Dame Glenys’ view on the way regulation and inspection should work to protect and improve public services is of great interest.

Listen here.

Episode 8 - Why do we need regulation of professionals?

In this month’s podcast we focus on professional regulation and explore “Why do we need regulation of professionals”.

During this episode we are joined by guest speakers Alan Clamp, Chief Executive Officer of the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, and Alan Kershaw, Chair of the Architects Registration Board.

Topics covered in the podcast include:

  • why is the regulation of professionals necessary?
  • what makes regulating professionals different from regulating organisations?
  • what are the current challenges facing the regulation of professional today
  • how can the IOR help the world of regulation?
  • how can good regulation drive better outcomes for the public
  • advice for existing regulators or anyone keen to get in the world of regulating professions

Listen here.

Episode 7 - Regulation in public life – what make it work

In this latest podcast we focus on “Regulation in public life – what make it work” and explore the way effective regulation can improve the democratic process and underpin the public’s confidence in decision makers.

Our guest is Kathryn Stone OBE, chair of the Bar Standards Board and former Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. In her career Kathryn has moved from one high profile role in regulation to another so it is well placed to offer her view on the sector.

Before taking up her new role at the Bar Standards Board in August Kathryn was Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, a post that she held since January 2018. Before that she was Chief Legal Ombudsman for England and Wales from 2016 and served as a Commissioner with the Independent Police Complaints Commission and at the Commission for Victims and Survivors in Northern Ireland.

In the podcast Kathryn discusses a range of issues including:

  • The challenge of regulating high profile individuals and institutions;
  • From MPs to barristers - speaking truth to power;
  • The character traits of a successful regulator;
  • The role of the Institute of Regulation to drive professional standards;
  • What drives her to regulate;
  • Advise to anyone thinking of a career in regulation.

Listen here.

Episode 6 - The anatomy of effective regulation leadership

In Episode 6, we are joined by Jonathan Morgan, Consultant at Saxon Bampfylde. Having been a guiding mind behind some of the biggest regulation leadership appointments over the last few years, Jonathan helps explain some of the secrets that make great leaders in the sector and gives advice on how to go about developing a career in regulation

Jonathan discusses:

  • Attracting the brightest, smartest young professionals to regulation
  • Tips to finding a top regulatory job 
  • How careers in regulation have changed over the last 10 years or so
  • Why increased public scrutiny of regulation can make it tougher to attract the best candidates  
  • What key character traits lead people towards careers in the Regulation sector

Listen here.

Episode 5 - Anticipatory Regulation

In Episode 5, we are joined by Geoff Mulgan, Professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy and Social Innovation at University College London who has been advising and driving public policy and strategy for the last 30 years. Listen in, as Geoff explores:

•  Has effective regulation has helped deliver better social outcomes in the UK?
•  How can better regulation help to create a world in which people thrive and where we improve our democracy, welfare, neighbourhoods or education?
•  Post Brexit, what are the biggest regulatory challenges facing the UK?
•  The role of ‘anticipatory regulation’ in helping regulators and government identify, build and test solutions to emerging challenges

Listen here.

Episode 4 – The Language of Regulation

In Episode 4, we are joined by Grant Pink, Managing Director at RECAP Consultants, and Author of the well-thumbed book “Navigating Regulatory Language: An A to Z Guide”, as he discusses:

  • What's the point of regulation?
  •  The difference between regulation, compliance and enforcement
  • "The Language of Regulation"

Listen here.

Episode 3 – Regulating Transport

In Episode 3, the Civil Aviation Authority's Policy and Strategy Director Tim Johnson discusses the complex world of aviation, focusing on:

  • The issues and current priorities within the CAA,
  • How to learn from international counterparts and,
  • The massive impact Covid has had on the global aviation sector.

Listen here.

Episode 2 – Regulating Education

In Episode 2, Ofsted’s Matthew Coffey and Ofqual’s Michael Hanton discuss:

  • The key issues facing the regulation of education including how regulation can accelerate education sector’ post Covid recovery,
  • The skills required to drive forward the regulation sector and,
  • The role of the Institute of Regulation in helping to share knowledge across the profession.

Listen here.

Episode 1 – The Power of Regulation

In Episode 1 of The Regulation Podcast, Founder of The Institute of Regulation and Chief Executive of Equality and Human Rights Commission, Marcial Boo, discusses:

  • The key issues facing the regulation sector including the role of modern Regulators and regulation in improving public services,
  • The skills required to drive forward the regulation sector and,
  • The Institute of Regulation’s role in helping to professionalise the sector.

Listen here.

The next episode of The Regulation Podcast is coming soon…

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