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"Professor Lodge was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and provided great commentary and discussion across good range of areas relating them back to real world examples. The training is a great introduction into why we regulate and what good regulation looks like."

- Participant, ‘Fundamentals of Regulation’  


The Institute of Regulation can provide training and development in the theory and practice of regulation.

We are working with our partners – The Open University, The Institute of Leadership and Management, and The Civil Service College – to develop accredited training, from half-day courses up to post-graduate degrees in regulation. We can also connect Institute members to learn from each other on specific topics.

Here is more information on our upcoming training events.

Introduction to Regulation – 2 hours online, PA Consulting

The training is designed as an introductory course to regulation, tailored for individuals who are relatively new to the regulation sector - though ‘seasoned’ regulatory experts have also appreciated attending. 

By the end of this session, participants can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the following key areas:

      • Purpose of Regulation: In this segment, we delve into the purpose of regulation. This will include an exploration of the objectives that regulation aims to achieve and the role of a regulator in maintaining order and ensuring compliance.
      • The Regulatory System and How Regulators Work: Our training also covers the intricacies of the regulatory system in the UK. We will examine the various approaches to regulation that exist, and participants will gain insights into how regulators are set up to deliver their objectives.
      • How Regulatory Practice is Changing: This part of the session is interactive. We will explore trends in regulation and engage in discussions about the evolving landscape of regulatory practices. We encourage participants to share their viewpoints on how regulators can adapt and respond to these changes effectively.

The session is structured to equip individuals with a solid foundation in the field of regulation, ensuring participants are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of this sector.

Fundamentals of Regulation – 2 day in-person, Professor Martin Lodge

This course is specifically designed as a foundation for regulatory professionals. It is therefore suitable for those new to regulation or with some limited regulatory experience, but no prior regulatory training. 

Delivered through an engaging mix of presentation and seminar discussion, the course is structured as follows: 

·        Approaches to regulation

·        The regulatory domain

·        Standard setting

·        Enforcement

·        Assessing risk

·        Public and consumer engagement 

·        Regulators and government 


As an outcome of attending this course, delegates will be equipped to: 

·        understand regulatory theory 

·        evaluate different regulatory approaches and concepts

·        explore central cross-sectoral theoretical approaches to develop regulatory analysis perspective

·        apply regulatory analysis in everyday work with confidence.

If you're interested in courses or training in regulation, please Contact Us.

All future training events and courses will be listed on our Events page.

“This thought provoking course provided and insightful overview of up-to-date thinking about effective regulation. I think it would be both an essential introduction for beginners and a useful refresher for those who have been working in this area for many years.”

-Participant, 'Fundamentals of Regulation'

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